Our Story

Overseas job searching site

GLOBAL JOBS started its journey based on a wish to provide the chance of working overseas for the IT engineers of Bangladesh. Our dream is to expand the possibilities of Bangladesh IT engineers who wish to play an active role in the global IT industry.

About logo mark


1.Global=Earth 2.Possibilities=Infinity∞ 3.Dream=Rainbow

Our logo mark is made by combining “Global”, “Possibilities” and “Dream”. We want to provide Bangladesh IT engineers with global exposure this the Global in our logo. The possibilities of opportunities in the global arena are endless, thus the Infinity in our logo. The dream of representing Bangladesh and its endeavors in IT with the help of Bangladeshi IT engineers, thus the Dream in our logo.

Operation Company

Bjit Group

We, BJIT group are the expert engineers group who are familiar with the system development. As a Bangladesh offshore development company for overseas Enterprises, we have been involved in mobile/smartphone application development, offshore development and BPO business, since 2010.

We have an active work force of 170 engineers in Bangladesh, 60 engineers in Japan which makes a total of 230 engineers, achieving the overwhelming performance of development.