Terms of Use

Objective of acquisition and use of privacy information

Objective of acquisition and use of privacy information BJIT group requires the information which can identify the individual user, like user’s name, address, mail address, date of birth, sex. The objective of this acquisition is the membership information management, organizing data base information, and the smooth arrangement of interviews and employment. We may disclose this privacy information to the third party (Recruiting Company) according to the necessity, but we shall not use it for other than those purposes.

Article 1 Regarding Terms of Use

These Terms of Use (Herein after referred to as “These terms”) is applied to the any activities upon using this system provided by BJIT group. It’s deemed that a user has agreed on the all provisions in these terms by using this system.

Article 2 Application for the membership registration

A user who completed membership registration (herein after referred to as “Registered applicant”), shall be a member of GLOBAL JOBS. When any changes are arisen on the description of the information at the time of membership registration, it shall be immediately amended in the system.

Article 3 holding a membership account

A user shall hold a single membership account per person, and a user shall not be able give or lease his/her membership account to the third party, in any cases.

Article 4 Usage fee

Membership registration and usage of system functions in this system within the scope as defined by our company, shall be free of charge.

Article 5 Arrangement of usage environment

  1. A user shall appropriately prepare a PC, other devices, software, communication methods required to use this system at his/her own responsibility and cost.
  2. A user shall take security measures to avoid from unauthorized access and information leakage, depending on his/her own usage environment.
  3. Our company shall not be involved in users’ usage environment, and shall not be responsible at all.

Article 6 Password management

  1. When our company provides user with password of this system, or lets user to set a password, user shall be responsible for the management of his/her password, membership ID, registered mail address, etc. (hereinafter referred as to [Password, etc.]), in any cases.
  2. User shall not let the third party use password, etc., lend, sell, buy and pawn his/her password, while holing a membership.
  3. The user shall be responsible for any losses that may be occurred through the lack of management, mistakes in usage or usage by the third party, and our company assumes no responsibility.

Article 7 Registration of resume

  1. After user becomes a member of GLOBAL JOBS, user shall post his/her resume through this system. At his/her own responsibility and judgement, within the scope of publication standards as defined by our company.
  2. When it is revealed that the posted resume is not complied with the publication standards, or it is against the fact, BJIT has the right to delete or to change the all or part of that registered information, without prior notification.

Article 8 Right license associated to this system

Our company shall be able to provide a user with the announcement of new system functions, advertisement, mail magazines, businesslike communication for this system operation and other information.

Article 9 Prohibited matters for users

User shall not do the following acts upon provision of this system. User shall be responsible for any damages that may occur to our company by these acts, and our company can take a legal measures.

  • Prohibited matters regarding the information of resume and its posting.
  1. To post a CV which includes description which is difficult to determine the validity, or fake.
  2. To forward the mail which includes information such as job information, etc. From job offered to others.
  3. To disclose any information such as job information for himself / herself, that is obtained through this system or other job offered as well as above, to others.
  4. To use this system by professing the name which is other than himself/herself, pretending to have representation or proxy, or by pretending to have an affiliate relationship /corporative relationship with other person or organization.
  5. To copy, sell or use the information obtained through this system over a range of private utilization.
  6. To search other users’ system authentication or security, to access or to try access the undisclosed information of this system or accounts, without valid privilege.
  7. To place a load on our company or other users’ server, to give troubles or damages to this system operation or network system, and other actions that may cause them.

Article 10 Compensation for damages

When a user violates these terms, and causes any damages to our company, user shall be responsible for any direct or indirect damages to our company.

Article 11 Disclaimer warning

  1. Our company shall not be responsible for disputes between a user and a job offerer, job offering company or other third party, which was caused by the usage of this system.
  2. Our company shall not be responsible even for the addition, changes, suspension, termination and troubles for any reasons, and when any disadvantages or damages occur for users, our company shall not responsible at all, and will not compensate for the loss of data in this system.

Article 12 Measures for violations

  1. When it’s confirmed that a user violates these terms or other terms of use, or when our company admits it as necessary, our company may take the following measures for that user. However, our company is not responsible for that, and our company shall not be responsible even if any disadvantages or damages may occur on those users by this punishment, we shall be not responsible for them at all.
    1. To request to stop acts which violate these terms or other terms of use, and to request not to repeat the similar behaviors.
    2. To request the voluntarily deletion or correction for the information in resumes, etc.
    3. To request to stop using part or all of this system.
  2. Users shall not lodge a protest for the punishment by our company for breaching these terms and other terms of use that is executed according to our company’s terms of use.

Article 13 Change for these terms

  1. Our company shall be able to change these terms any time with reasons, without getting the prior approval by user by our own decision.
  2. After the revise of these terms, user shall be deemed as agreed on the all the description of revised terms by using this system.
  3. When this term is newly enacted or revised, information of resumes posted before this enactment and changes will be applied.

Article 14 Stoppage of usage due to the maintenance operation

Our company may temporarily stop the operation of this system without prior notice or permission to the user, and user shall agree on this in advance. In addition, cases such as this system operation is difficult or impossible to operate, due to any emergencies such as natural disasters or so, or amendment or establishment of Acts etc., are also included.

This term comes into effective on July 8th, 2015.